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jessica_augeri's Journal

jessica augeri
19 July 1989
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pothead to da maxxxxxx.
straight chillin.


$$$, 3 inches of blood, adventures in hollyhood, alkaline trio, anti-flag, avenged sevenfold, bayside, beer, beer balls, being a porn star, blitzed, blueberry white tea, blunts, body jewelry, body modification, body mods, bongs, bowls, brand new, btk, casey jones, clothes, coal chamber, coffee, cognac, cradle of filth, creepshow, csi: miami, cum shot, dazed and confused, deathbat, def leppard, dresses, drinks, drunk, elephant, emmure, facials, faded, flowers in the attic, fucking, full metal jacket, grape dutches, grey goose, guys, half baked, halloween, happiness, hatebreed, headbangers ball, hennessy, high, hoodies, hoods, hookahs, hot tattooed guys, hot topic, ice cream, iron maiden, jack daniels, jager, jagermister, johnnie walker, joints, juicy couture, kegs, lattes, law and order: ci, law and order: svu, lil wayne, lil whyte, make up, medusa, melon, mest, metal, metallica, minor threat, modeling, money, motley crue, movies, music, myspace, new found glory, night stalker, nikes, nipple piercings, nwa, ozzy osbourne, pantera, patched, patron, perksofbeingawallflower, photography, piercings, pitbull, pizza, plugs, poison, pomegranate green tea, porn, pugs, pulp fiction, rancid, reading, reservoir dogs, rob and big, rocky horror picture show, rough sex, runs house, scarface, serial killers, sex, singing, skid row, snakebites, snoop dogg, spit on your grave, stretched ears, strippers, talk soup, tattoos, terror, texas chainsaw massacre, texting, the black dahlia murder, the godfather, the hills, the misfits, the movielife, the ramones, the warriors, the world we knew, thirteen, three six mafia, trees, tteotd, tupac, twirkin, ugk, vodka, weed, weeds, whiskey, wooderson, yibga, zacky vengeance, zombies, zooted